Crawling Insects Southeast MI


Exterior Preventive Services

Our Exterior Preventive Service programs provide excellent seasonal protection for those homeowners looking to prevent problems before they start and to keep insects from breeding around their homes. Each service comes with our detailed inspection report and environmental recommendations.

bugsss.jpg“Perimeter Treatment”

Perimeter Treatment provides detailed exterior treatment with residual sprays for crawling insects. We thoroughly treat common areas of entry, foundation, perimeter soil, and breeding/harborage areas around the home.

“Perimeter Plus”

In addition to our “Perimeter Treatment” Perimeter Plus also provides the application of perimeter insecticide granulation for crawling insects. Granules provide an additional measure of protection as they gradually break down into the soil, wood chips, and mulched areas around your home, gradually killing emerging insects that are hatching. The granule treatment is effective for weeks to months ahead.
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