German Roaches

These roaches are the most common and difficult for homeowners to deal with. German Roaches enter the home via people, groceries, electronics, furniture, etc. A single roach egg can take up to 35 days to hatch and can hatch up to 40 offspring. German Roaches will infest areas of warmth and moisture. That is why activity usually starts in a kitchen or bathroom.
Cleanliness plays a big part in elimination of roaches. Our program will eliminate your current population, give recommendations to discourage future infestation, and let you enjoy your home without these hard to reach insects! Six-Month Guarantee with any German Cockroach treatment.

Oriental Roaches

Another name for them are "Waterbugs" (big and black) due to the fact that they live in sewage and drainage systems or drains and will come up into your home through those access points. Our treatment will eliminate any current infestation and give you information on how to prevent future entry.