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Commercial Pest Control Services MI

Our exceptional service will provide you with the best in prevention and elimination of common Commercial Pests- Ants, Roaches, Drain Flies, & Rodents.
We provide service plans tailored to your specific needs as a business. Monthly, 2x monthly, Every other month, and Quarterly (4x a year). Below are our two options available for Maintenance Service.

Preventive Service

Preventive service is our preferred method of application for our Commercial Clients. It provides you with optimal treatment techniques to help prevent any pests from entering or becoming a problem in your business establishment. Not just waiting until there is a significant problem before we act.
CJB uses EPA approved materials, so in the event any pest attempts to enter the environment or is newly introduced via inventory, it is quickly eliminated. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to know where and how to treat for any pest in a commercial setting. CJB will also provide on each service, an inspection report detailing any areas that are conducive to insect/rodent breeding or nesting.

IPM Service

IPM or Integrated Pest Management is defined as the incorporation of preventive and corrective measures to keep pests from causing significant problems. This process uses regular monitoring to determine if and when a pesticide treatment is needed. Each service entails an inspection, monitoring, identification of problems, evaluation of causes, recommendations and treatment/implementation of pest management. Though most of these techniques are used in “preventive service,” pesticides are not applied except when evidence is found of an infestation. Baits, traps, and other monitoring devices are used on each IPM service.
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