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Bed Bug Education

What are Bed Bugs?
Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, flat, oval shaped insects that are approximately 5-7 mm long. They are white, almost clear in color after they hatch and before they feed. Then they become a shiny reddish brown to dark brown color after feeding. Bed Bugs are ofter carried into the home via person or objects such as previously owned furniture, clothing or in luggage from a recent trip. Adult Bed Bugs typically live 6-7 months but can live up to 1.5 years if in the right conditions. They can lay up to 10 eggs per day and development from egg to adult normally takes 35-50 days (5 stages-each requiring a blood meal) depending on temperature and conditions.
How Do Bed Bugs Feed?
Bed Bugs feed mostly at night while people are asleep but can attack during the day in subdued light. When the bugs bite, they pierce the skin with an elongated beak, inject saliva into the skin and withdraw the blood. The fluid often causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed. Welts commonly develop adn itch. Still, 30% of the victims show no reaction to bites and the very young and over 65 show less sensitivity. If feeding is undisturbed, bed bug becomes engorged with blood in 3 to 15 minutes depending on the size. It then crawls to its hiding place where it remains for several days digesting its meal. 

Bed Bug Treatment

Where do you find Bed Bugs?
The most common areas to find Bed Bugs are places immediately relating to the bed and surrounding furniture. Over time they multiply and can spread to any small crevice or cluttered area they can find to hide and find their next victim. Hiding places are evident when black or brown fecal spots are found on surfaces where the bugs hide or rest.
Home Inspection
If you are unsure if you have Bed Bugs, or you have a significant infestation and need a detailed inspection to determine how wide spread the problem has become, call us for an inspection. We can determine if you do have a problem and to what extent. If you already aware of your bed bug problem, most quotes can be done over the phone just by speaking with our educated staff and answering some basic questions.
We will inform you on everything that you can do personally to help eliminate Bed Bugs before any service is done. We can also inform you on how to prevent future problems & how your problem most likely originated.
Our Bed Bug service comes with an industry best GUARANTEE. If activity is seen or felt after our elimination program, call us back out for a follow up at no charge to you.
Treatment areas
We treat all the rooms that are currently being affected by Bed Bugs. We will also inspect other rooms and furniture that Bed Bugs may have spread to. Preventive treatment can be done to ensure nothing spreads. Our technicians are highly educated and have years of experience in Bed Bug elimination. We use only the best materials and technology available for elimination.


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