Maintenance Agreements

We offer Seasonal Maintenance Programs to eliminate current populations of Moles and help prevent future infestations by reducing their food source and routinely monitoring your property.
Seasonal monthly applications and treatment to Mosquito breeding sites will
significantly reduce Mosquito activity so you and your family can enjoy the outdoors.

One Time Applications

In most cases a single application to your home is all you need to eliminate your current problem. All work is guaranteed (services applicable to guarantee’s) so in the event of a future problem within the guaranteed time span, we will return at no charge to resolve the pest issue. Inspections and recommendations will also help in preventing future problems.

Quarterly Maintenance Programs for Residence

Our residential Quarterly Maintenance Program provides year-round protection against most crawling insects (pavement ants, centipedes, millipedes, pillbugs, sowbugs, box elder beetles, asian lady beetles, earwigs, and spiders), as well as any interior rodent infestations (mice, rats, chipmunks). Each service provides you with interior and exterior treatment as well as our detailed inspection report and recommendations. Exterior rodent control is also available.

Why Choose CJB?

  • 80 years Family Experience
  • A+ Rating Better Business Bureau
  • ”Angie’s List Award Winner & “A” Rating
  • The Best Guarantee’s
  • Educated Staff & State Certified Tech’s
  • Appointment Scheduling

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