Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are a structural problem and will nest in any kind of wood inside your home. Wood studs, window and doorframes, sill plates, and roofs are all vulnerable to carpenter ant nesting and damage. Carpenter Ants come in multiple sizes and can be seen with or without wings (winged ants are a sign of a new colony).

Elimination Service

We specialize in Carpenter Ant elimination. Our two-step process guarantees complete structural elimination from your home. By combining the popular “Inside-Out” treatment with our “Search and Destroy” technique for optimal colony elimination, you can rest assured the colony will be eliminated. Carpenter Ant colonies will survive unless the queen is killed.

Exterior Prevention

Before Carpenter Ants enter your home they will nest in wood structures (tree’s, wood ties, stumps, etc.) or in the ground. Our Carpenter Ant exterior treatment will help prevent them from entering your home. We will also inspect the area for current nesting spots, and do everything we can to help reduce the colony activity around your home. Our detailed inspection reports will also let you know what needs to be caulked and sealed in order to better keep them out of your home.