Paper Wasps

Our Preventive Wasp Program will provide treatment to your home to eliminate any current infestation and prevent future nesting of Paper Wasps, Hornets, and Mud Dauber Wasps. These are all stinging insects that will nest “onto” you home and appurtenant structures. Our program also offers preventive treatment for decks, play sets, basketball hoops, storage sheds, hot tub frames and any other places wasps will attempt to nest. Season Long Guarantee's and 3 month Guarantee's are available for this service. 
Our inspection report will list areas that need to be sealed to prevent Yellow Jacket and Honey Bee nesting areas. Paper Wasps are the most common stinging insects in Michigan. They are most active in May and August. In May (1st peak season), wasps will be seen "bouncing" around areas such as eaves, peaks of roofs, deck railings, gutters and window/door frames looking for appropriate nesting sites. These are the most common nesting spots.
Once a nesting site has been established, the queen wasp will begin laying eggs that will soon hatch into worker wasps. As the nest size expands, so will the population of wasps. In August (2nd peak season), the diet of the wasp will change and they become more aggressive as they build faster. The warmer the weather, the more active they become.