Evidence of Moles can be seen by two indicators - 1) Dead grass trails that sink down when stepped upon. 2) Large piles of dirt emerging from the lawn.
Moles use/create tunnels as a means to locate food. They can create up to 100 feet of new tunnels in a single day. These underground rodents can do severe damage to lawns and landscaping. Even the best lawn care companies can miss mole damage and not use effective mole control. Our elimination process will quickly eliminate moles in your lawn and protect your beautiful property. Maintenance programs area available to prevent future problems.


Removal Steps:

Step 1: Initial Evaluation - Involves a review of the property and surrounding area. This step helps determine the most active areas. We will then give you a price for the elimination of the current population.
Step 2: Site Treatment - After the review of the property, we will bait the active burrows. Bait will always be placed underground. Elimination of a current population will normally require two applications. All work is guaranteed.