Hornets are the most aggressive stinging insects in the wasp family. They will attack when provoked, feeling threatened, or for no reason at all. Hornets begin to nest in mid July through October. They will build a “paper ball” nest that can range from the size of a softball to as large as two basketballs! Hornets are very fast builders and can build a large size nest in 7-10 days. Nesting areas are commonly peaks of homes, under decks, and in trees.
A Preventive Wasp Treatment will eliminate the chance of a hornet nest being built onto the structure of your home. If you do find a nest on your home or in a tree, it is very dangerous to try and knock the nest down yourself. It is recommended to let a professional eliminate this Hornet nest. Hornets are very aggressive and can sting multiple times. Attempting to treat Hornet problems yourself, if not handled correctly, can prove very costly.